What do the Micro Strategies’ solutions that integrate iManage and Box look like? Our robust ecosystem offers multiple functionalities that users can leverage for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

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Maximize Investments in iManage and Box

Discover Micro Strategies’ integration between iManage Work and Box—a powerful solution designed to enable legal teams to collaborate more easily with customers while continuing to work in iManage, the platform of record.

Our integration:

  • Eliminates the complexity of managing content across multiple platforms
  • Saves valuable time lost to transferring files between repositories, searching for documents and navigating through folders
  • Maintains the right content and access consistently within iManage while avoiding version collisions
  • Offers a cost-effective storage alternative for iManage users storing very large files

It allows users to:

  • Leverage Box’s co-authoring functionality and enable users to seamlessly store the final file in iManage
  • Directly share content from iManage via Box, simplifying collaboration and document sharing processes
  • With Box Deal Rooms – See trending activity and maintain folder and file structure with automatic indexing

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