The rate at which content is generated is getting faster; yet your legacy systems are getting slower. Legacy infrastructure, like enterprise content management systems and general purpose file servers, has imposed severe limitations on how quickly your business can react. Documents are being created by employees inside and outside company firewalls and being stored in many different systems making it harder to collaborate and follow uniform business processes.

Improve Performance and Automate Processes

Our legacy migration solutions solve migration challenges that keep organizations from moving away from legacy ECM and records systems. We understand that it’s more than documents and data that need to be migrated – it’s your business processes too. Our team can work with you to ensure the legacy migration includes the evolving needs of your business process.

Data Management

Simplified Data Management

One platform for the management of all sources of content and digital media



Access content from anywhere on any device

Automation Tools

Automation Tools

Streamline the migration process

Bandwidth Automation

Bandwidth Analysis

Ensure migration testing times are consistent

Monitoring and Validation

Monitoring & Validation

Content is monitored and validated throughout the migration process

Data Integration


Solution integrates with desktop, enterprise and SaaS applications

Centralized Repository

Centralized Repository

All content and digital media is located in one place


  • Lower the costs associated with maintaining legacy systems
  • Address changing business requirements more rapidly and gain competitive advantage by being able to implement strategies faster
  • Increase staff productivity with automated processes that drive efficiency
  • Gain flexibility and scalability by moving from on premise to the cloud
  • Improve collaboration with internal and external partners
  • Obtain insight from content analytics
Customer Communication Management and Archival Featured Image

Customer Communication Management & Archival

Gain visibility across the lifecycle of your customer communications

24/7 Support for your Organization

Our experts don’t just recommend and implement solutions – they can manage them too. We can provide 24/7 support to ensure your technology runs optimally so your employees stay focused on delivering business value. Learn more…

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