Regulated organizations produce an immense amount of customer communications, such as statements, explanations of benefits (EOBs) and bills and quotes, on a daily basis. These documents, which are essential to managing day-to-day business with your customers, are frequently stored in legacy repositories and accessed by customers through ePresentment systems. Compliance often requires these massive amounts of data to be captured and archived, sometimes for periods spanning many years.

Many organizations are looking to move away from these siloed legacy solutions. Often these systems are expensive, difficult to maintain, have poor and inflexible interfaces and lack the capabilities of more modern content services platforms. Moving documents to an open content platform means that claims, invoices, statements, EOBs, policy documents, and other documents will be secured, governed and accessed in the open system repository. This makes them available to all employees, customer service, agents, and customers and to all electronic business processes.

Gain Visibility across the Lifecycle of your Customer Communications

Micro Strategies has partnered with Crawford Technologies to not only replace legacy archival or “COLD systems but to increase the value of the communications by storing in two leading open systems platforms, Box and Alfresco.

Our robust, compliant customer communication management and archival solution supports retention requirements in a secure, searchable and conveniently accessible environment either on premise or in the cloud. We recognize that companies like yours are looking for extended functionality that allows you to adapt to rapidly changing business environments while leveraging digital technologies to reduce costs and improve customer service. Now, your organization can take advantage of mobile apps, integrations with enterprise and SaaS applications, a single source of truth for all unstructured data, business processes and workflows, and document analytics. Additionally, the system ensures compliance with current regulations, including Section 508, AMA, AODA, the UK and EU Equality Acts.

Information Extraction

Information Extraction

Extract customer communications and reporting from mainframe, enterprise, legacy and desktop applications. Extract metadata, redaction and encryption during processing

Conversion to PDF

Convert to PDF

Turn all document types into PDF, PDF/A or PDF/UA from metacode, AFP, postscript, PCL, text, HTML, image files and PDF document formats

Enhanced Processing

Enhanced Processing

Store entire reports or batch files as a single file with pointer for faster processing



Store immense amounts of documents in an industry compliant archive

Configuration Tools

Easy to Use Configuration Tools

Easy to change schemas

Optimized Open Systems

Optimized for Open Systems and the Cloud

Take full advantage of modern open platforms such as Alfresco and Box


  • Significantly decrease the costs associated with legacy software licensing and maintenance costs,storage, processing cycles, distribution and paper
  • Access documents from anywhere through portals, mobile devices and applications
  • Improve governance for documents, accessibility and GDPR
  • Full set of restful APIs allow for integrations with enterprise and customer service applications, customer portals, and SaaS applications (Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.) to increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction
  • BPM / workflows integrated with the open systems
  • Open system can now be used as the central repository for all content across the organization

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