Scalability, reliability, enhanced security, increased competitiveness—the benefits of the cloud are clear. What about the challenges of managing your cloud environments?

Lack of visibility

Many organizations work with multiple cloud providers. The result? A lack of transparency around cloud costs, usage, and security.

Inability to Predict for the Future

Without a clear picture of your cloud usage and costs, how can you leverage the right services to maximize performance? Anticipate capacity needs? Or budget for future costs?

Manage Costs, Understand Usage and Optimize Resources

Micro Strategies’ Cloud Expense Management brings together reporting from your multiple cloud providers into a single dashboard that allows you to manage the costs and control your usage. You gain full visibility into your costs, resources, and any opportunities to optimize the services you use.

View cloud expenses & gain insight into various business spend factors in one centralized location

Forecast future spending & simulate potential cost scenarios by using machine learning to analyze historical costs and previous usage data anticipated future growth

Machine learning models & business rules provide customized recommendations & identify opportunities to optimize utilization

Centralized tracking across providers with integrated views of your AWS, Google and Azure cloud environments

Deploy anywhere & gain visibility of SaaS and owned systems

Get the Most Out of your Cloud

Improved overall customer experience

Reduced spend due to infrastructure optimization

Improved budgeting capabilities stemming from machine learning-driven forecasts and scenario simulations

Use the interactive capacity and budget planning dashboards to monitor costs versus budget over time

Optimize cloud resources across multiple providers

Gain full cloud transparency around service usage and security

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