Traditional approaches don’t support the fast and iterative data exploration required by businesses today. Decision-makers, who need to make decisions based on the merits of data and thorough analysis, can’t wait for integration projects to be completed before analyzing and gaining insight from their data.

The reality is that they aren’t waiting. They’re leveraging analytics resources to gather, cleanse and analyze data in less than ideal circumstances. These resources waste time finding sources, gaining access and moving data to available tools (spreadsheets, text files, etc.). The work is getting done but in a less than optimal way. A new way of thinking and accessing data is needed; one that matches the availability of insights to decision making demands.

Data Insights at the Speed of Business

Fast Data Insights allows organizations to simplify the way data is acquired and shared across teams while eliminating dark data processes and maintaining data governance and security standards. This architectural approach is predicated on accessing data regardless of the source, only moving data when required.

Data sourced from various systems can be linked, cleansed and analyzed without the need for costly IT development cycles. Fast Data Insights is a set of quick-start services, carefully curated tools and applied intellectual property gained through years of data integration, data visualization, and analytics enablement.

Quick Start Workshops

Pre-built connectors to over 250 data sources

Expert Domain

Centralized hub allows users to easily access data on demand

Dashboard Icons

Visualize data through the tools you use, leveraging pre-configured integrations

Prepare data and run machine learning models to power your AI initiatives in a timely manner


Scalable, containerized architecture that meets the requirements of small to enterprise-sized organizations

Quick Start Services

Quick-start services that enable software configuration and pre-validated designs


  • Increased speed to market
  • Rapid validation of next generation database solutions
  • Pre-defined strategy for workload migration
  • Increased data capabilities with improved cost models
  • Design approach accommodates broad scale of data, workloads as well as end user needs

24/7 Support for your Organization

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