A leading home goods retailer wanted to measure the performance of a new program that allowed customers to reserve a product online and pick up in-store. Once the product was available, the customer was notified it was ready for pick up. The data supporting the program was housed in multiple systems making it difficult to visualize within the context of the program.


Our team members created a composite view of relevant data (reservations, unable to fulfill responses, inventory, plan-o-grams) from the disparate source systems. They created a set of dashboards for different levels of the organization who were then able to monitor the program’s performance. The solution allowed the retailer to compare store performance to peer stores and corporate averages and goals while also providing an exception-based view for regional managers to quickly gain insight into which stores required additional focus.


After our team members implemented the solution, the retailer reduced their inability to fulfill orders from high double-digit to low single-digit percentages and they had a mechanism for training store staff on how to reduce the percentage of orders they were unable to fulfill. The solution also provided a calculated inventory view based on the weekly inventory and sales transactions.

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