Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez

Director – Data & Analytics

Juan Nunez, Director of Data & Analytics is responsible for the strategy, solution delivery, services and sales related to Micro Strategies’ data & analytics practice.

Prior to joining Micro Strategies, Juan was employed by a number of Fortune 500 companies in the retail, telecommunications and insurance sectors.

Juan began his career as a database administrator at a regional telecommunications company where his responsibilities ranged from application development to systems maintenance. From this position, he was recruited by Time Warner to help shape the creation of a centralized customer database that brought together data from 26 regions into a single repository for the first time in the company’s history.

Juan also deployed key marketing technology capabilities at Time Warner. He led the implementation of their first centralized campaign management solutions and real-time decision management processes driven by artificial intelligence that assisted customer service representatives and customers through various channels.

Throughout his career, Juan has established data & analytics practices for multiple organizations, from defining strategies and gaining executive buy-in to leading, organizing and hiring development and operations teams. He has led various data & analytics, marketing technology, digital marketing SEO/SEM, direct marketing, customer loyalty, e-commerce and contact center teams.

Juan holds a B.S. in Marketing from Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay and a B.S. in Software Applications & Programming. He is a participant in Harvard University’s Business Analytics Program.

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