With the pace of business increasing faster than ever before, business automation has become a key differentiator in creating competitive advantage. Automation technologies aren’t new, but they haven’t experienced widespread adoption due to cost, complexity and maintenance requirements. With businesses increasingly migrating to the cloud, there’s a correlating need for the IT department to deliver infrastructure components more quickly. To meet the growing demands of the business, it’s necessary to implement automation.

Simplify Operations and Improve Efficiency

Micro Strategies’ automation offerings span the areas of IT operations, DevOps and business applications. These solutions provide a common framework to address the challenges inherent with the deployment and maintenance of modern platforms and tooling. For IT operations, assets include compute, storage, network, operating system, database, and middleware. For DevOps, they include both the platform components as well as integration with various modules within the CI/CD pipeline. For business applications, the offerings can include both RPA processes as well as API driven solutions.


Configuration Enforcement

Enforce validated configuration requirements during deployment


Configuration Drift Management

Prevent occurrence during post-deployment



Enable operations staff or business users to request assets

Privilege Roles

Privilege Roles

Reduce the need for elevated privileges

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Common Catalog of Offerings

Integration with multiple platforms within the organization


  • Improved speed to market through the automation of repeatable tasks
  • Enforced configuration standards
  • Enhanced productivity as staff can focus on strategic initiatives rather than repetitive tasks
  • increased security since IT assets can be deployed without granting elevated privileges
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IT Operations Automation

The speed that organizations are expected work at is increasing exponentially.

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