The speed that organizations are expected work at is increasing exponentially. Scalability and the ability for technology to keep up with your business objectives is critical. The IT department faces a number of challenges, including a perceived lack of speed when using traditional IT, a lack of consistency during deployment, the complexity of interacting with multiple unfamiliar systems and configuration drift once the assets are deployed.

Automate for Speed and Reliability

Micro Strategies has a set of automation solutions consisting of the implementation of a framework designed to address the challenges inherent with the deployment and maintenance of assets and workloads within a heterogeneous IT environment. These assets include compute, storage, network, operating system, database, and middleware. The solutions are focused on providing a proven methodology for deploying an application framework, documenting existing processes to be automated, providing assistance on the automation of those processes, and on-going maintenance and support of the automation framework.

Drive Validated cofig

Drive Validated Configurations

On to bare metal servers, storage or networking equipment, virtualized environments, containerized environments or cloud environments

Locks Configuration

Locks Configurations

Prevent drift post-deployment

Privilege Roles

Privilege Roles

Reduces the need for elevated privileges by operations staff

Data Integration


Integrates with existing as well as greenfield deployments


  • Enables on premise environments to move “with the speed of the cloud
  • Enforces IT standards on cloud environments without inhibiting or slowing access to those environments
  • IT staff will spend significantly less time on repetitive tasks
  • Increased security since IT assets can be deployed without granting elevated privileges

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