Streamlined Cloud Management that Evolves with You

The shift toward cloud migration is no longer just an IT decision; it has become a strategic necessity driven by an organization’s desire to enhance agility and scalability to match the speed of modern technology deployments. But as your cloud consumption increases, so does the complexity of managing multiple services and providers. Without complete visibility over your entire cloud environment, you may be overspending on services you don’t use, over provisioning for future demand, or misallocating resources. That’s where we come in.  

We’ll partner with you to help you understand the financial and functional impact of your multiple cloud providers and bring it all together to ensure you’re optimizing your cloud investments. With Micro Strategies Cloud Economics, you get:  


  • Consolidated cloud reporting: View data from your various cloud providers in one dashboard, so you can easily obtain insights into business spend factors. 
  • Usage forecasting: Forecast future spending, anticipate growth, and simulate potential cost scenarios by using AI to analyze historical costs and usage data. 
  • AIoptimized resource provisioning: Deploy machine learning models paired with business rules to receive custom recommendations that identify opportunities to optimize resources and reduce unnecessary spend. 
  • Strategic guidance for modernization:  Combine these insights with our expertise to collaborate and create a strategy for modernizing your applications, optimizing resources, and maximizing the benefits of your deployments. 


AI Optimized Infrastructure
AI Optimized Infrastructure

Streamlined Approach

When you work with Micro Strategies, you benefit from a team of IT experts who’ve been in your shoes. Because we understand the challenges of navigating the intricate cloud landscape, we offer a more streamlined approach to managing your cloud ecosystem that on average saves customers 30% on cloud spend. With Cloud Economics, you can:   

  • Reduce spend, paying only for what you need 
  • Build more accurate budgets based on AI-driven forecasts and scenario simulations 
  • Provision resources more efficiently across providers 
  • Define a strategy and roadmap to modernize cloud deployments and reap the benefits 



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