Technological innovations are happening so fast that the way people work is transforming before their eyes. Cloud and mobility have brought new technologies into the workplace, creating new requirements for the IT department and causing them to rethink current tools and processes. At the same time, they have been tasked with reducing in-house infrastructure, tightening security, providing better application support and identifying ways that technology can increase employee productivity.

Deliver the Desktop Experience -Virtually

To support your workforce, Micro Strategies has developed a solution that moves your end users from the traditional desktop model to a more fluid virtual workspace – one that accommodates mobility, the use of different devices and the quick delivery of new applications or operating systems. Our virtual workspace solution provides easy access and a consistent user experience regardless of the device being used. In addition, virtual desktops provide a more secure environment, increased compliance and simplified patch management and remediation.

Persistent Workplace

Persistent Workspace

Pick right back up from where you were last



Access from Windows, Linux, Android and iOS (mobile or tablet)


Consistent User Experience

Policy-based configuration provides a consistent look and feel across devices or roles

Centralized Repository

Centralized Management & Deployment

Centrally manage and deploy desktop images or applications


  • Greater user flexibility
  • Improved endpoint security
  • Decreased cost of application and operating system refresh deployments
  • Greater visibility into desktop environment utilization
  • Faster refresh cycle of deployment for new applications
  • Supports users who want to bring their own devices (BYOD)

24/7 Support for your Organization

Our experts don’t just recommend and implement solutions – they can manage them too. We can provide 24/7 support to ensure your technology runs optimally so your employees stay focused on delivering business value.Learn more…

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