Maintaining an organization’s legacy infrastructure can hinder its ability to meet competitive demands in today’s data-driven business landscape. Companies today are embracing not only cloud, but also modernized systems within their existing data centers. IT departments are being asked to introduce these new technologies while continuing to support the systems that are already in place. Beyond that, they are being tasked with selecting and implementing the right mix of technologies – those that are a good fit for the business and easy for their end users to consume.

Technology Initiatives that Bring Value to your Business

A multi-platform “Hybrid IT strategy means that there is no one size fits all approach to the platforms where you house your applications and data. Micro Strategies has a set of solutions geared toward deploying platforms that meet the reliability, performance, and cost requirements for today’s modern workloads.

For cloud-based environments we have SaaS based solutions as well as PaaS or IaaS solutions within the public cloud providers. For on premise workloads we support a variety of offerings, from traditional server and storage, to hyper converged and fully software defined. All of these solutions are built with consideration to the operational impact of their use.



Change only what needs to be changed


Fit to Purpose

Buy only what you need



Easily adapt to workload changes


  • Reliability
  • Performance tailored to workload needs
  • Ability to compare on premise and cloud offerings in a normalized manner
  • Consumption models for appropriate workloads are financially beneficial
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Hybrid IT Advisory Services

Assess your cloud readiness

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Cloud Platform

Gain competitive advantage with the right cloud strategy for your business

Data Center Modernization

Data Center Modernization

Make data-driven decisions to remain on premise while taking advantage of cloud-like capabilities within your data center

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