Determining the best approach to modernizing your infrastructure can be challenging. Desiring the elasticity, simplicity, rich set of features that public cloud can offer, many businesses are taking a “cloud first approach to their platform and computing needs. Yet migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud can be both complex and risky and certain workloads are better supported through on premise solutions. When making a data-driven decision to remain on premise, it is still possible to take advantage of cloud-like capabilities within your data center.

A Foundation that Combines Tradition and Innovation

Micro Strategies’ solutions are designed to allow you to deploy platforms that meet the reliability, performance and cost requirements for today’s modern workloads while also offering flexible and dynamic cloud features on premise. From traditional servers and storage to software-defined and hyper converged, these solutions include intelligent software layers that provide elasticity, scalability and easy, cloud-like provisioning. Many of these solutions are built with a hybrid strategy in mind and all of them consider upfront costs and on-going operational impact.

Software Defined Functionality

Software-Defined Functionality

Expanded, cloud-like capabilities within your data center


Cost Model Options

Flexible elastic and non-elastic choices


Adaptable, Fit-to-Purpose Options

Buy only what you need


  • Maintain control of infrastructure
  • Flexibility provided by usage models designed for your organizational needs
  • Reduce the time spent manually provisioning required infrastructure and improve speed to market

24/7 Support for your Organization

Our experts don’t just recommend and implement solutions – they can manage them too. We provide 24/7 support to ensure your technology runs optimally so your employees stay focused on delivering business value. Learn more…

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