Many business are taking a “cloud first approach to technology. Navigating the cloud can be complex and time consuming with all the options that are available. While the benefits of the cloud – such as flexible infrastructure capacity, faster access to resources, and reduced need for on-premises hardware and software – are clear and well-documented, a misstep in this area can be counter to your business objectives.

Assess your Cloud Readiness

The Micro Strategies Hybrid IT advisory services are designed to use a data-driven approach to guide your organization through the cloud journey. Using assessments, analysis and strategy, we help you understand where the cloud makes sense for your organization and enable you to make decisions grounded in business requirements. We provide actionable knowledge about your data, a specific workload or your entire environment. Armed with this information, you can decide where to make technology investments based on functionality, cost and operational impact rather than simply deploying everything to a predetermined platform.



Collaboratively explore business objectives and the technology features required to achieve defined objectives



Study of current technology deployments to identify the best placement for applications and workloads



Comparison of options against your organization’s technological, operational and financial considerations



Defined path for the enablement of the required features that the IT department will provide over time


  • Obtain actionable data to use when making critical IT investment decisions
  • Align your technology strategy with business objectives
  • Articulate a clear plan and execution strategy to achieve business objectives
  • Obtain business visibility into planned IT solutions

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