As a public safety agency, you face relentless pressure to respond to emergencies with precision and speed. Without an adequate recording system in place, you risk losing critical details that could inform life-saving decisions, not to mention a potential breach of regulatory compliance that could undermine your credibility and operational effectiveness. Micro Strategies Public Safety Digital Voice Recording (DVR) Solutions offer a secure, compliant, and efficient way to manage, analyze, store, and share your critical interactions, preserving the integrity of your operations and the trust of your community. 


Preserve Critical Communication

Powered by NICE technology, Micro Strategies Digital Voice Recording Solutions support a broad range of communication platforms, including VoIP, Text-to-911, Enhanced 911 (e911), and SMS, as well as trunked radio, call-taker, telephony, and CAD integrations. With comprehensive cross-platform coverage, you get a solution that ensures every exchange is captured, stored, and readily available for review and documentation.  


Designed to meet the reliability, performance, and financial requirements of modern emergency communications, Micro Strategies Digital Voice Recording Solutions make it easy to:  

  • Securely capture every interaction with an unalterable digital footprint 
  • Create time-stamped scenarios that stand up to the most stringent scrutiny  
  • Maintain compliance with evolving and increasingly complex regulatory requirements  
  • Create a uniform user experience with every call 
  • Access critical insights required for evidence collection, conflict resolution, and incident management  
AI Optimized Infrastructure
AI Optimized Infrastructure

Enhance Public Safety With a Customized DVR Solution

When you work with Micro Strategies, you get a solution that’s tailored to your specific operational needs. We start by identifying crucial factors, such as your retention needs for recorded material, the number of channels required for phone and radio recordings, and the ideal location for your backups, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Then, we recommend a solution, implement it, and train your team to use it.  


After deployment, we don’t walk away—we stay on in a managed services capacity to proactively monitor your infrastructure and backup system to ensure it functions at peak efficiency. As part of this service, you also get comprehensive support for questions, concerns, or technical issues. In other words, we play an active and ongoing role in ensuring your digital voice recording system is operational, free from security threats, and aligned with your team’s needs.  

The Micro Strategies Difference

Unlike other vendors, we offer in-house solutions including:  

  • A team of in-house subject matter IT experts who are available to handle your most complex issues quickly  
  • A robust solution that integrates with a broad spectrum of technologies 
  • Comprehensive analytics that provide critical insights for operational excellence 
  • Advanced recording capabilities with real-time monitoring to ensure outstanding performance 
  • Flexible cloud, on-premise, and hybrid cloud backup options that provide reliable access and scale with your needs  


Let’s work Together

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