It can be costly to staff full-time resources with the specific skills needed to ensure the availability of critical business applications. When a business does invest in these key skills, distractions can keep these Microsoft or Linux engineers, DBAs and JavaScript or Python developers from enhancing applications with new business capabilities which means they are also unable to drive new business value.

Ensure Availability and Performance of Critical Business Applications

Micro Strategies’ application management and support services complement your internal IT team. We understand how critical business applications are to running your organization. We proactively monitor key metrics based on our experience designing and supporting these applications. Our local team of IT experts delivers the highest levels of service, supplementing your organization’s internal IT skills and resources so you can keep up with the increasingly complex IT needs of your business.

Persistent Workplace

Workplace Experience Applications

Virtual Desktop


Content Management Applications

Alfresco, Box and SharePoint

Pre-Determined Processes

Business Process Applications

Alfresco and Nintex

Data Integration

Data Integration

Integration points for critical business applications such as business process, data warehouse and analytics


  • Focus – Micro Strategies’ staff focuses on managing your critical business applications, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic objectives and your company to focus on its core business
  • Lower cost of ownership – Leverage our staff’s expertise while only paying a recurring flat fee instead of paying for full-time support staff
  • Proactive Solutions – Proactive monitoring provides for better performance, reduced downtime and fewer surprises
  • Level the Playing Field – Larger companies typically have in-house support services with a team of full-time IT professionals. Outsourcing helps gain the expertise and the insight that larger companies have. This can help level the playing field between you and your competition
  • Access to IT Professionals – Micro Strategies provides access to our knowledgeable staff, with skills ranging from day-to-day operations, application design, development and implementation, available at your convenience for any IT problem or question
  • Vendor Management – We handle with the software and hardware vendors, so you don’t have to deal with any complicated, technical conversations

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