You understand that a strong security governance and compliance plan to protect that data is no longer an IT responsibility but also a business necessity. A full-time, dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to provide the required governance programs and ensure compliance may not be feasible for your organization. Your business may be subject to certain regulatory requirements that require someone within the organization to fill this role. Alternatively, your current CISO may require additional resources or benefit from an external perspective.

Executive Information Security Expertise for your Business

CISO Advisory Services are designed for companies that require a comprehensive information security program but do not have the resources or the requirement for a full-time, dedicated CISO. Our solution allows you to leverage our resources or augment your resources to either establish or guide your governance, risk and compliance program based on security industry best practices or regulatory requirements. We help you stay vigilant about existing and emerging threats by working with you to implement, monitor and maintain security controls, policies and procedures to better protect your organization.

Policy Generation

Policy generation

Work with our experts create the appropriate information security program for your business

Third Party Risk Assess

Third-Party Risk Assessment

Create third-party risk programs to ensure your vendors are secure

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments

Identify your company’s security gaps (physical & cyber) and build a plan for combating threats

Security Awareness Education

Security Awareness Education

Instruct employees on your business’ information security program and how they represent the first line of defense

Incident Response

Incident Response

Develop a response plan to events that turn into incidents in order to protect both your data and your reputation

Executive Board Comms

Executive Board Communications

Use our experts as an objective resource for updating the Board of Directors about security and potential risks


  • Established security controls, policies and procedures to better protect your organization
  • Personalized information security program to fulfill regulatory requirement
  • Ability to offset the cost of a full time CISO
  • Established and tested incident response plan

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