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The effectiveness and resilience of corporate cybersecurity programs is being tested like never before with cyber-attacks from opportunistic threat actors increasing at rapid rates. Ransomware attacks can cripple an enterprise by encrypting all the data in production, disaster recovery and back-up environments. In the event of an attack, organizations are left with little choice but to pay the attackers a ransom fee to unlock the data or refuse to pay and disrupt operations while also incurring significant losses.


DataVault protects one of your most valuable business assets: your data. Using automated processes, this managed service replicates your data into a high security area (HSA) on a defined schedule, scans that data for anomalies and, if clean, securely stores it in a cold data vault. This vault is not accessible by the production environment, does not contain any “live” systems and is never shared with any other customer. In the event of an attack on your production environment, the data in the vault remains secure. Once the danger has passed and the affected resources have been remediated, the data can be copied to your recovery environment allowing, you to resume normal operations.

Scalable data protection, regardless of the system source

Data restoration if the production environment becomes compromised

Automated policies that ensure data is replicated, scanned and stored in the vault

A dedicated vault environment that ensures that data is isolated

24/7 Fully managed solution