With the threat landscape constantly evolving and attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, your security program may not be able to keep up – resulting in increased risk and exposure to being breached. As a result, you realize you need a rapid checkpoint against the top focus controls in the industry or a baseline review for management.

Identify and Address Security Risks

Our Security Posture Review compares your company’s current policies and procedures against appropriate regulatory standards. Our team assesses current security controls against the specific regulations (e.g., general security best practice such as NIST, PCI and HIPAA). Areas of focus include penetration testing, compliance, identity and access management, incident response, contingency planning, configuration management, physical and environmental protection and end user training. We identify gaps and vulnerabilities and create a recommended remediation roadmap. If required, we can also assess your company’s GDPR exposure.



Assess the current state of your security program and evaluate future need



Documentation of our findings



Detailed strategic security roadmap of recommendations for remediation


  • Third party point-in-time assessment of your security information program posture
  • Visibility into security exposure that could cause a compliance audit failure
  • Recognition of vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach
  • Identification of risk areas specific to the procedures and approach regarding identification and access management
  • Insight into the quality of your security awareness training program

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