Tableau - Visual Analytics for Everyone

Meet the new face of business intelligence: Tableau Software. Tableau helps people see and understand data. Its award-winning software delivers fast analytics, visualizations and rapid-fire business intelligence on data of any size, format, or subject. The result? Anyone can get answers from data quickly with no programming required. From executive dashboards to ad­hoc reports, Tableau lets you share mobile and browser-based, interactive analytics in a few clicks. Over 19,000 companies and organizations, including the world's largest enterprises, rely on Tableau.

Connect to any data source, size or type. Analyze and create dashboards. Share with browser & mobile-based analytics. All within your data architecture and security protocols.

Micro Strategies is a Tableau Reseller partner with proven integration capabilities.

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The free trial is for Tableau Desktop Professional, a full-use license that will work with a diverse range of data sources. Contact us if you’d like to see a preview of Tableau in action.

Interested in test-driving Tableau Server for a workgroup collaboration experience? We can arrange a 2-week free trial for Tableau Server if you qualify – please contact us. We can also help you to get started with online Tableau training that will enhance your Tableau free trial experience.

Talk to Micro Strategies’s industry experts about a custom Tableau solution that meets your company’s needs. Ask how Micro Strategies utilizes Tableau dashboard visualizations with its Pronto solution for near real-time analytics.

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About Tableau Software

Tableau Software, based in Seattle WA, helps people see and understand their data by building software for fast analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence. Tableau’s award-winning products integrate data exploration and visualization to make analytics fast, easy and fun. The result is pictures instead of rows and columns of textual information. People can rapidly discover key trends and outliers that would otherwise be impossible to see through typical text-based reporting or traditional business intelligence solutions.

Tableau is a leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform from Gartner. To read more:  Gartner Report