The Ultimate Guide to Ransomware

The Ultimate Guide to Ransomware

Ransomware is creating havoc in businesses worldwide.

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Cybercrime is big business – and topping the cyber-threat list is ransomware. The FBI estimated that ransomware earned the bad guys $209 million in one quarter of 2016 alone. That adds up to an average of $333,000 per incident, and as high as $100 million in some cases.

No industry is safe from this scourge. All are being targeted by cybercriminals, yet few are prepared to deal with ransomware.

In this eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Ransomware, find out the facts on what ransomware is, how it infiltrates even the tightest security perimeter, and how your company can avoid being added to its long list of victims.

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Uncover How Ransomware Is Targeting Your Business