Call Tracking & Recording Software solutions

Micro Strategies on premise and cloud-based voice call recording software gives you individualized solutions that are reliable, compliant, and flexible enough to fit your specific goals. From voice call tracking software to integrated management systems, reporting and analytics, our experienced team will put together a solution that can improve business performance, reduce financial risk, and enhance safety and security.

Our voice call recording system solutions are built in partnership with IBM and NICE Systems and are designed to integrate into your existing systems, so your business and finance, public safety, or education organization can get the most out your recording solution.

Public Safety

With NICE Inform, your Micro Strategies solution gives first responders, police, fire, and safety organizations the ability to capture voice, video, and data using an advanced user-friendly interface that allows the search, retrieval, and organization of calls. On-premise and cloud options are available.

Call Centers

Using NICE Engage, Micro Strategies call center voice recording solutions deliver advanced interaction recording and analysis, enabling improved quality and liability management through the use of features such as: Emotion Detection Technology, Word Spotting Technology, Talk Over Analysis, Real Time Agent Coaching, Screen Recording, and Agent Coaching Campaigns. On-premise and cloud options are available.

Financial Services

Today, businesses and organizations in the financial sector operate in a world of regulatory compliance. With a Micro Strategies solution for voice and mobile phone recording, and trade reconstruction analytics for liability and security, your organization can be sure it is meeting federal regulations in an efficient and cost effective manner. On-premise and cloud options are available.


The safety and security of our schools is a major concern. Solutions from Micro Strategies for call recording and incident reconstruction can reduce the chance of error in recording information provided during bomb threats, lessen security incidents and lockdowns, and alleviate liability concerns. On-premise and cloud options are available.

Cloud-based Solutions:

Micro Strategies developed and offers NICE Inform, NICE Recording and NICE Trading Recording as SaaS based solutions.  The solution includes a small, on premise, capture device which records and encrypts calls, while everything else - application, database, resiliency and storage is accomplished via IBM’s SoftLayer capabilities. The flexibility of the IBM SoftLayer cloud enabled the solution to be built as a pay-as-you-go cloud model; delivering call recordings, statistics on call volumes and on numbers of interactions in real time. This SaaS solution is managed by Micro Strategies and hosted in the IBM Cloud. On-premise and cloud options are available. Let Micro Strategies help you with your VOIP call recording software needs today!