Si Alhir
Transformation Leader, Executive Coach & Consultant, Entrepreneur 
Author of The Antifragility Edge
The Stress-Powered Business
Antifragility: Embracing Reality and Ensuring Aliveness

Paul Battle
Director DCG Distribution and Channel Partners, Lenovo

Emily Brand
Chief Architect, Red Hat



Lisa Calicchio

SVP and Chief Human Capital Management Officer, WCG Clinical (WIRB-Copernicus Group)



Robert Claybrook

Senior Technology Executive and President, Emergence of Tech



Michael DePalma
Senior Channel Development Manager, Datto, Inc.



Denise DiPiano

Strategic Human Resource Leader


Marcus Fowler

Director of Strategic Threat, DarkTrace


Nick Heddy

Chief Revenue Officer, Pax8


Roderick Lim Banda
Founding Partner, KASE


Igor Mroz
Founder, Zero Bullshit Management
Project Management Expert and Antifragility Evangelist

John Newton
Co-Founder, Alfresco


Marisa Silva
Senior Consultant, Wellingtone and Researching Antifragility in Project Management
Bedtime Stories for Project Managers
On the Antifragility of Projects



Michele Wucker
Speaker, Strategist
Author of The Gray Rhino