It takes more than a proven software solution to successfully leverage technology in a way that transforms business operations—it’s your implementation partner that brings together your people, business processes and technologies to achieve organizational objectives. As leading business process & content services consultants—well-versed in working with organizations to provide proactive advice and assistance in mapping business processes to technology—we can help reduce process inefficiencies and guide your business in how to deliver quality services to the audience they serve. 

Bringing Together Box & Salesforce to Drive Business Value

Work with Micro Strategies to build a solution that integrates the Salesforce platform with Box, aligns your organization’s business processes with the technology and drives a long-term impact on business outcomes. 

Potential Use Cases 

  • User creates an opportunity in Salesforce.  A folder is automatically created within a business-specific folder structure in Box. 
  • User drops documents into a folder from within the Salesforce interface. Metadata is automatically assigned, enabling. intelligent document searching within Box. 
  • Users can automatically update information in SalesForce based on the arrival of new documents. 
  • The arrival of documents within the Box or Salesforce interface can automatically trigger a business process.
  • Users can digitally sign documents in Box using BoxSign. 
  • Users can take advantage of advanced metadata searching on documents as well as exported document results stemming from the Box/Salesforce integration. 
  • Users can easily add additional metadata to individual documents using the Micro Strategies DDP Application.

Micro Strategies, Box & Salesforce in Action

How can you tie together contract creation, review, approval and digital signatures within Salesforce and Box? Watch the demo.