Technology is the backbone of any business. Yet you’re not in the IT business. Your staff is struggling to keep pace as technology evolves and often they don’t have the necessary skill sets. The security of your environment is a constant concern. Your storage requirements – ever-expanding data, multiple sites and a need for flexibility, scale and high-performance – leave you and your staff challenged. Your internal resources are so busy handling day-to-day operations they don’t have time to focus on delivering functionality to your business.

Micro Strategies Can Help

We provide solutions that manage and maximize your organization’s critical technologies, from infrastructure and workloads to applications and security. We enhance productivity by freeing up resources and filling in the gaps within your internal skill sets. We help you derive value from your technology platforms and reduce your organization’s risk by ensuring your business is stable and secure. We partner with you so your IT staff can concentrate on strategic initiatives and you can focus on growing your business.

Why Micro Strategies?

We work with our clients to help them maintain a high-performing IT department, providing support for your technology so that you can focus on strategic growth. We do this by partnering with management to ensure operational stability of your critical technologies, improve quality and provide better service to users in terms of responsiveness, performance and reliability.

Our team members, who average over 20 years of experience in the technology sector, have deep expertise across a wide variety of technologies you know and use. They are experts in cloud technologies, data analytics, application development, security, user enablement and support and a number of other IT specialties. Drawing on that experience, we partner with you to understand your goals and challenges and help drive business outcomes.

Managed Service Desk Featured Image

Managed Service Desk

Outsource technical support or extend the capabilities your internal IT team

Infrastructure Management and Remediation

Infrastructure Monitoring, Management & Remediation

Services that ensure your infrastructure runs at optimal levels

Application Management Support

Application Management & Support

Support that keeps critical business applications running

Managed Security Services Solutions

Managed Security Services

Supplemental services that provide security, reliability and performance

Call Recording

Call Recording & Quality Assurance

Voice call tracking, integrated management systems, reporting and analytics

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