Cybersecurity is no longer a technology issue – it is now a business concern. Cybersecurity attacks cost businesses $200,000 on average but are even more expensive if you consider the value of your brand reputation.

To protect your data against increasingly sophisticated enterprise cybersecurity threats, IT investments and business objectives must align around your organization’s approach to threat detection, mitigation and remediation.

Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Solutions – Today

Enterprise cybersecurity solutions that allow you to detect and respond to threats faster while preventing others completely are at the core of what Micro Strategies can offer. We partner with you, leveraging your data and our expertise, to understand your environment and determine how to align IT security solutions with your business priorities. By providing you with governance, detection and recovery capabilities that protect your business and minimize risk, we enable you to confidently focus on using your data to drive results.

Why Micro Strategies?

As a leading provider of end-to-end security programs, Micro Strategies helps businesses like yours design, implement and manage cybersecurity solutions. Our team helps organizations define strategy, identify risks, select security technology and enable security operations.

Our team members, who average over 25 years of experience in this area, have led security operations teams, held senior level positions as CIOs and CISOs and acted as consultants, helping executive leadership to determine acceptable levels of risk and create policies and procedures based on appropriate security frameworks and regulatory requirements. They are entrenched in the latest security developments, ensuring that Micro Strategies provides strong enterprise cybersecurity solutions that improve your organization’s security posture. Their experience spans numerous industries including insurance, retail, legal, healthcare, e-commerce, financial, distribution, telecommunications government and defense.


Detect, hunt and investigate threats and incidents

Security Posture Review

Security posture review

Identify and assess security risks

Endpoint Protection and Management Banner Image

Endpoint protection & management

Reduce risk and maintain compliance

Virtual CISO Banner Image

CISO Advisory Services

Executive-level information security expertise for your business

Security Incident Detection & Response Management

Security Incident Detection & Response

Detect, hunt and investigate threats and incidents

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