The ability of a corporate legal department or law firm to control and manage incoming requests to review contracts is critical.  Managing and tracking the progress of these contracts is equally as important. 

Micro Strategies (MSI) has developed a robust integration between iManage’s Work 10 and the Nintex Cloud Workflow platform, providing users with the workflow they need and the structural document intake required to streamline the tracking of contract reviews and approvals.

Users can access a form, fill out key data about the contract and review process and add the documents to be reviewed by dragging and dropping them right onto the form.   When they click the submit button on the form the automatic processing begins.

  1. A specific request folder is created in iManage, under a processing workspace.
  2. The created folder structure is created from a template based on the data entered in the form
  3. The data in the form becomes searchable metadata on the folder in iManage (including status).
  4. The completed form and attached documents are uploaded to iManage and placed in the appropriate folders in the automatically built folder structure.
  5. A workflow is selected, based on the data entered in the form and that workflow is executed.
  6. The first step in the workflow is the identification of the appropriate client / matter workspace.
  7. If a client / matter is identified for the review request, the newly entered request (folders and documents) are moved to the correct client / matter workspace and the appropriate metadata is automatically updated.
  8. The remaining steps in the workflow as well as status changes through the document’s lifecycle depends on how the solution is defined.  This includes any records declaration and identified policies.